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Wastewater Treatment

EPA Permit

The Ohio EPA issues a permit to the City, for effluent discharge into the Mad River, under the NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) mandate of the federal government.

Our EPA permit also defines requirements for residuals management and industrial waste control. In fiscal and calendar year 2000, the plant was serving a population of about 83,000 with a plant staff of 25 professionals, and an annual Operations and Maintenance budget of two million dollars.

A major construction project was also underway from 1999 and into 2000, to improve infrastructure and to develop automation of much of the continuous operation of the plant. The plant is currently pursuing an expansion to reduce our impact from storm water surcharging and to improve current processes.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

965 Dayton Avenue
Springfield, OH 45506
(937) 324-7626

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Acting Superintendent: Mr. Bill Young

Phone: (937) 324-7624

Assistant Superintendent

Shaun Spiller
Phone: (937) 328-3562

Built in 1934, the Wastewater Treatment Plant is responsible for treating all the wastewater generated by the citizens, businesses, and industries of the City, as well as several surrounding areas. The plant responsibilities include: the operation and maintenance of an Advanced Secondary Treatment System as well as several sewerage pumping stations located throughout the collection system, monitoring of stream pollutants, and residual bio-solids management.

Our Statement

As guided by the Clean Water Act of 1974, we strive to protect public health, the receiving water quality and minimize our impact on the land.

MIPP Coordinator

Jeff Yinger
Phone: (937) 324-7623

Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Program (MIPP)

This program regulates the commercial and industrial discharges to the collection system that can harmfully impact the treatment units at the plant. The program is regulated through the use of Chapter 916 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Springfield, or better known as the Sewer Use Ordinance. This lists the definitions, requirements and restrictions expected of our industrial users of our collection system. It also provides a legal means for the City to implement control.

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Tour the Plant

The Springfield Wastewater Treatment Plant proudly gives tours to small groups of school students, businesses, and individuals from around the city. If you are interested in a tour of the facility, please call (937) 324-7626 to schedule one.

We also offer an On-line Tour.