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Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

201 Eagle City Road
Springfield, OH 45502
(937) 525-5880

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Mr. Allen Jones
Phone: (937) 525-5880

Assistant Superintendent:

Mr. Larry Marks
Phone: (937) 525-5880

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The City of Springfield first supplied water through a pressurized system in 1882, which was primarily constructed for fire protection efficiency. Chlorination was added in 1917 to make the water safer for the public to drink. The current water treatment plant, located on Eagle City Road, was constructed in 1958 and was originally designed to provide up to 36,000,000 gallons of water per day. This facility utilizes lime softening, rapid sand filtration and disinfection.

The plant is supplied raw water from twelve wells located along Mad River. Each 36 inch diameter well is capable of producing just over 3,000,000 gallons of water a day. The wells draw water from an unconfined sand and gravel aquifer. Protection of this high quality and plentiful water supply is guided by a Wellhead Protection Plan and our Wellhead Protection Ordinance.

As part of the quality assurance requirements for safe drinking water, most of the required testing is conducted in the plant laboratory. Additionally, the plant laboratory provides sample analysis to other local public and private water systems on a contract for payment basis.

The City's Water Treatment Plant, 4 elevated water storage tanks and a water pressure booster station currently supplies an average of 12,000,000 gallons of potable water per day to the citizens of Springfield and 4 water supply districts.

Groundwater Guardian Greensite

Springfield's WTP is a Groundwater Guardian Greensite


The mission of the water treatment operations is to provide an adequate, reliable and safe supply of water for the citizens and businesses of the Springfield community.

Tour the Plant

The public is welcome to tour this plant. School groups, clubs, church and business organizations as well as individual residents are encouraged to tour this facility. To schedule presentations or a tour, please contact the Superintendent at (937) 525-5880.