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Utilities Maintenance


If you have a Water or Sewer Emergency Call:

(937) 525-5800
7:30am - 4:00pm

(937) 324-7663
After Hours

Storm Basin Grates

Theft of Storm Basin Grates:

The City of Springfield's Utilities Maintenance Division has been experiencing theft of storm basin grates. We are asking anyone with any information on the removal of storm basin grates to please contact the Police Department at 324-7685.

If you witness someone removing grates other than City personnel please contact the Police Department at 324-7685.

Utilities Superintendent: Mike Adamson
Phone: (937) 525-5800

Located at Service Center:
2100 Lagonda Avenue
Springfield, OH 45503

The Utility Maintenance Division is directly responsible for the repair and maintenance of the City's water distribution system, as well as the wastewater and storm water collection systems.

Please Note:
         For questions regarding your utility bill please call (937) 324-7365 or click here.

Sewer Systems

Information regarding the sewer system may be obtained by contacting:

Kenny Hazlett, Utilities Maintenance Supervisor

The sewer collection system is made up of over 285 miles of sewers, ranging in size from 6" to 108". The system contains over 8,000 catch basins and over 12,000 manholes. Maintenance duties include video inspection of sewer mains and appurtenances; washing, cleaning and repair of sewer mains and manholes; removal of debris and structural repairs to catch basins; and rodent control in the City sewers.

Water Systems

Information regarding the water system may be obtained by contacting:

Travis Parsons, Utilities Supervisor

The water distribution system has over 315 miles of water lines, ranging in size from 3/4" to 36". The system also contains 2,700 fire hydrants as well as four elevated storage tanks. Maintenance duties include the repair of water leaks, installation and repair of water meters, and maintenance of fire hydrants.

Hydrant Permit PDF
Hydrant Procedure PDF


Backwater Prevention Assistance

If a property owner's basement floods during rain events, an application may be submitted to the Utility Maintenance Division to participate in a program to eliminate basement flooding caused by surcharging of the City's collection system. The City will conduct an investigation to determine if the installation of a backwater valve would correct the situation. The City may reimburse the owner up to $4,600.00 towards the cost of these plumbing changes. Application forms are available at the Administrative Office at 2100 Lagonda Avenue, Springfield, OH.

Septic System Elimination

This program is designed for those individuals within the City limits that may still have a private septic system that must hook into the City sewer system due to failure of said system. Application forms are available at the Administrative Office at 2100 Lagonda Avenue, Springfield, OH.

Private Sewer Lateral Repair

Upon a property owner discovering that a sewer lateral connecting his property to the City's sewer line has broken down in the portion located within the City's right-of-way, the owner may request that the City repair that portion at no charge to the property owner. Requests must be submitted in writing and must be accompanied by a certification issued from a person registered by the City to verify that the subject lateral is broken down within the City's right-of-way. Application forms are available at the Administrative Office at 2100 Lagonda Avenue, Springfield, OH.