City of Springfield, Ohio Welcome to the City of Springfield

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who is the Chief of Police?

Stephen P. Moody


How many police officers are employed by the City of Springfield?

We have 134 sworn police officers, including 27 command officers.

Civilian Employees

Are there civilian employees working for the Springfield Police Division?

Yes, there are 21 civilian employees. These employees handle record keeping, prisoner book-in tasks and report writing.

Phone Numbers

What phone numbers do I call?

In an emergency situation call: 911
In a non-emergency situation call: 324-7680
For general information call: 324-7685
Other Police phone numbers can be found here.


Where is the Police Headquarters located?

The Police Division Headquarters is located at 130 North Fountain Avenue in downtown Springfield. We are on the Southeast corner of North Fountain Avenue and East North Street. Mailing address is:

Springfield Police Division
130 North Fountain Avenue
Springfield, Ohio 45502

When is Police Headquarters open?

Police Headquarters is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all holidays. There is always an officer on duty inside the building. Certain units of the Division work regular business hours. Please call 324-7685 if you have questions about the availability to a specific unit.


Where is the jail located?

The City of Springfield does not operate a jail facility. The jail is operated by the Clark County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office and the jail are located at 120 North Fountain Avenue. This facility is in the same physical building as the Police Division, but is operated separately. If you have questions about jail operations, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 328-2560.


How do I compliment an officer?

If you wish to compliment an officer for services provided, please call the Professional Standards office at 328-3436. If you don't know the officers name, or badge number, please be specific about the incident location, time of day, and type of service given. This will assist in identifying the appropriate officer(s).


How do I complain about an officer?

If you wish to complain about the service provided, or action taken by a Springfield Police Division officer, please call the Professional Standards office at 328-3436. If you don't know the officers name or badge number, please be specific about the incident location, time of day, and type of service given. This will assist in identifying the appropriate officer(s).


What can Springfield Police Division officers report?

Springfield Division officers can only take reports on incidents that occur within the city limits of Springfield, Ohio. Incidents that occur outside the city limits must be reported to the authority that has jurisdiction over the area where the incident occurred.


How do I make a police report?

In an emergency call 911, an officer will be dispatched to your location as soon as possible. In a non-emergency situation call 324-7680 and advise the dispatcher of the situation. In most cases, an officer will be dispatched to your location as soon as possible. In certain situations you will be connected to a report writer or the police desk officer and a report may be taken over the phone. A phone report is given the same priority as a report taken on the scene. Reports taken over the phone free up officers on the street, allowing for a quicker response time to emergency situations. If you do not wish to make a phone report, advise the dispatcher at the time of you initial call. In either case, please be certain to get a case number for your report. You will need that number to get information about your report in the future.

Can I add information to my report?

Yes, if you have additional information to add to your report, please have your case number available. Call 324-7685 and advise the desk officer that you need a "supplement report". You will be asked for the additional information at that time. If you do not have your case number, you will be asked additional questions necessary to locate your original report.

What happens with a police report?

After the report is taken, the officer on scene will begin an investigation. If enough evidence is available, the on-scene officer will complete the report with an arrest, or other appropriate action. If there is not enough evidence at that time, a copy of the report is placed in the "roll call" folder. This allows officers coming on duty to be aware of what has been reported. The remaining copies are then sent to the Investigations unit for follow-up. If there is enough information available, an investigation will commence. If there is not enough information available, the report will be marked for "ECC" (Early Case Closure). ECC reports can be activated again, should additional information be received.

Can my report be confidential?

This is actually a very complicated question, all initial reports and 911 tapes must be made available to the press upon request. The Springfield Police Division can't control, or restrict, access to these reports and tapes. However, these same rules do not apply to confidential tips and information. We are always interested in the safety of our citizens. The Police Division does not have control over what is printed in the newspaper or shown on television.

How can I obtain a copy of my police report?

A copy of a police report can be picked up in the records section of police headquarters. Please see "Staff Services" on this website and click on "Records" for specific details.

Filing Charges

Can a Springfield Police officer file charges for me?

With a few exceptions, Ohio law does not allow police officers to file misdemeanor charges against someone, unless the officer actually observes the incident. Exceptions to this rule, that would allow an officer to file these charges, would include:

  • Offenses of Violence as defined in 2901.01 of the Ohio Revised Code
  • Criminal Child Enticement- Ohio Revised Code 2905.05
  • Public Indecency-Ohio Revised Code 2907.09
  • Domestic Violence- Ohio Revised Code 2919.25
  • Violation of a Protection Order- Ohio Revised Code 2919.27
  • Menacing by Stalking- Ohio Revised Code 2903.211
  • Aggravated Trespassing- Ohio Revised Code 2911.211
  • Theft Offenses defined in the Ohio Revised Code 2913.01(K)


I need my fingerprints taken, where do I go?

Fingerprinting is performed by the Clark County Sheriff's Office at the WebCheck Station.

Radio Frequency

What frequency does the Springfield Police Division transmit on?

City of Springfield Police/Fire/EMS is currently operating on an 800-megahertz digital system. Most police scanners are not equipped to receive this signal. If you have further questions about the communication system please call 324-7680 for assistance.