City of Springfield, Ohio Springfield, Ohio

Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport/Airpark Ohio

Manger: Don Smith


1251 West Blee Road
Springfield, OH 45502
(937) 325-6108

The Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport is located on County Route 794 (West Blee Road), 4 miles south of the City of Springfield.


As a major military unit and vital component of the area's economy, the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport provides air travel and cargo needs for both citizen and business activities in the Springfield region.

Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting

Up-to-date rescue equipment and procedures allow Airpark Ohio to easily control and extinguish aircraft fires. This asset provides the reassurance that dangerous situations can be handled carefully, swiftly and efficiently.

Fixed Base Operator (FBO)


The FBO provides Airport service including: rental cars, aircraft fuel, maintenance, and operating the Terminal Building at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport.

Operation Hours:

Monday through Friday
  7:30am to 6:00pm

Saturday through Sunday
  9:00am to 5:00pm

After Hours - (Call Out fee is charged)

Paul Livingston at (937) 323-5804
Shelley Hedrick at (937) 830-1955

Airport Information

  • FAA Identifier: SGH
  • Instrument Approach: VOR-DME, TACAN & ILS
  • Latitude: N399° 50.42'
  • Longitude: W839° 50.41'
  • Magnetic Radial: 6.19° West
  • Approved Instrument Approach: Runway 24
  • Approach Control: Tower 120.7 Ground 121.7
  • Fuel Type Offered: AV Gas 100 LL & Jet A (Both Self Service)
  • Unicom: 122.95
  • AWSS: 134.975

Runways for Large Aircraft

Airport Runways

Two intersecting runways are capable of handling anything from a heavy military transport to a small two-seat training aircraft:

Runway 6/24 Specs

  • Length: 9,000'
  • Width: 150'
  • Runway Edge Lighting: High Intensity
  • Approach Lighting: ALSF2

Runway 15/33 Specs

  • Length: 5,500'
  • Width: 100'
  • Runway Edge Lighting: Medium Intensity